Laser Cutting and Engraving

At Max Steiner Design Studio we have the ability to laser cut and engrave a large variety of materials.
Our largest machine is a 90 watt CO2 laser with a cutting bed measuring 900mm x 1400mm (~3ft. x 4.5ft.)

Materials we can cut:

Acrylic (Plexiglas), Styrene, PETG, Thin woods (up to 1/4"), MDF, Leather

Materials we can engrave:
Acrylic (Plexiglas), Styrene, PETG, Woods, MDF, Leather, Ceramic, Glass, Stone, Bananas

Prohibited Materials:
Polycarbonate (Lexan), Vinyl, Raw meat

In Addition:
We can engrave cylindrical objects such as wine bottles and glasses using our lathe attachment connected to the laser's y-axis.

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