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Sam Mendes

Beginning in 2008, Max Steiner Design has worked with Director Sam Mendes to create custom gifts for the cast and crew of several productions by his theater company - The Bridge Project, as well as his latest film - Skyfall (James Bond).

Boombox - Hennessy Black / Complex Magazine

For the August/September 2010 issue of Complex Magazine, I was asked to fabricate a newly designed, but 80's inspired boombox. The initial designs were created by Brent Rollins and DJ Ross One, who owns an extensive collection of 80's boomboxes. Under Brent's direction, I built the radio using the innards of a dissected boombox, clear, mirrored, and 2-way mirrored plexiglass. The team then brought in Carl Wiemann to design and install LED lights inside the piece which were then hooked up to the existing power supply. The results were spectacular. When the boombox is powered on, the LED lights glow, allowing the back 2-way mirrored panel to become transparent in order to see the radio components inside. The finished boombox was featured in the magazine and auctioned off by Hennessy Black.