Marmara Park Avenue

In 2015 MSD created 2 pieces for the newly built Marmara Park Avenue Hotel on 114 E 32nd St. in Manhattan.

The main piece was an interactive infinity water installation wired into the new construction. This installation involved a series of motion sensors embedded in the walls of a corridor, with a uniquely designed 4’x4’ infinity mirror in the wall at the far end. The piece looks like an ordinary mirror, but as the viewer walks down the corridor towards it, the lights in the corridor begin to dim and lights within the piece begin to illuminate. Once the viewer is standing directly in front of the piece, the corriddor lights are out, and the mirror has transformed into an infinite water scene, with a full 180 degrees of view, along with stars above that appear to go continue infinitely into the distance. As the viewer moves away from the scene, the lights in the corridor slowly turn back on, and the piece once again appears to be an ordinary mirror.

The second piece created for the Marmara Park Ave is a multicolored faceted mirrored wall sculpture with internal lighting that varies the appearance of the piece as it is viewed from different angles.