Queen of the Night

In 2013 MSD was asked to design and fabricate a room for a new show in Times Square. This show "Queen of the Night" is an interactive performance, circus, and dinner at The Diamond Horseshoe Club in the basement of The Paramount Hotel on 46th St.
A Kaleidoscope was given as the inspiration for the installation. What the room developed into evokes the feeling of being inside a three dimensional kaleidoscope, with colored mirror facets arranged in a radial hexagonal grid emanating from a center point on the back wall. The entire design was initially conceptualized in three dimensional space within a computer, before being translated into the physical world. The installation was constructed with laser cut acrylic in our studio as well as on site. The room is a vitrine, with one wall a series of vintage brass framed glass windows, allowing the viewer to see the room in its entirety without the need to enter the space. Within the room, a mirrored turntable rotates the center of the floor along with whatever or whomever is atop it. A series of vents in the mirrored floor releases smoke into the space at times, and lights and lasers reflect off of the mirrors to a dazzling effect.

Design Development