The Blonds

Max Steiner has collaborated with The Blonds on their collections for New York Fashion week beginning with their S/S 2012 Collection until their F/W Collection of 2015, along with custom projects between fashion seasons. The Blonds, famous for their extravagant, over the top designs, have been incredible to work with year after year.
With each collection, Max Steiner's role developed and evolved as he worked on what is always one of the most exciting shows of Fashion Week.

The Blonds - Fall/Winter 2015
Created the runway set reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange, including signage and lighted pedestals beneath custom mannequins made by Rootstein.

The Blonds - Spring/Summer 2015
Created the entire runway set, including a mirror mosaic doorway, genie lamp emitting pink smoke, and signage. Also created the Blond hoop earrings for each model.

The Blonds - Fall/Winter 2014
Created the faceted cats for 3 outfits, a gold mirror faceted cat head clutch purse, steel boning earrings, silver cat helmet worn by David Blond for the finale, and swirled laser cut leather pieces for 2 of the corsets.

The Blonds - Spring/Summer 2014
Created acrylic pieces for most of the outfits of this collection. There were 26 varieties for a total of 2,387 pieces for the show. The pieces ranged from stars to scales to Tweety Bird eyeballs. Also created their logo/runway sign.

The Blonds - Fall/Winter 2013
For this collection Max Steiner created a line of accessories called "Slasher!" based on chef knives. These complemented The Blond's theme of "Village of the Blond", for which the outfits were inspired by various iconic horror films.

The Blonds - Spring/Summer 2013
Created various acrylic lipstick themed pieces for the collection, along with acrylic splashes for a water themed outfit. Also created a custom "clutch purse" inspired case for a one of a kind Barbie doll that was auctioned off for charity following the show.

The Blonds - Fall/Winter 2012
Created vinyl graphics for the motorcycle helmets worn by each of the models, as well as custom 2-way mirror visor for the helmet worn by Phillipe Blond.

The Blonds - Spring/Summer 2012
Created 14 unique masks for the show that was also in collaboration with Playboy. Created acrylic pieces for many of the outfits in this collection as well as their signage.